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Krucible LODGE No. 318 , F. & A. M. of Washington was granted a Charter to work, by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Washington July 25th 2009.

The purpose of Krucible Lodge is to provide to our candidates and initiates an introduction to the beauty and mysteries of Freemasonry. This Masonic responsibility is met in a manner consistent with inculcating the greatest understanding, respect for, and appreciation of their acceptance into a Lodge of Master Masons.

The extensive and elaborate structure of Freemasonry and the various organizations that exist within the folds of the Masonic family represent a multitude of pathways. All of these paths start with a man’s entrance into the Blue Lodge as a candidate for the Degrees of Masonry. Krucible Lodge was brought to life by Master Masons whose interest in the traditional observance and performance of Masonic ritual is our chief concern and primary preoccupation. As a Lodge we place an emphasis not only upon real appreciation, but the ready application of the lessons taught and obligations taken in the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason Degrees.

The requirement placed on an initiate to meet standards is a foundation of our Fraternity. Without meeting certain standards, the applicant may not be admitted. Krucible Lodge seeks to cultivate, nurture, and produce motivated Master Masons who are exposed to a Masonic education that emphasizes participation in Lodge work, Officer Development, and performance of Masonic ritual. Essentially, the development of fully vested Master Masons.

The basic expectation of completion and performance excellence is a fundamental tenet in all Masonic culture. Sculpting and molding a social understanding and appreciation of the whole of the fraternity we call Freemasonry, is not an easy thing to inculcate in a man who is not well prepared. Krucible is an environment, a vehicle, a habitat if you will, designed for the purpose of making excellent Masons. Masons who from the very beginning of their entrance into the Lodge, are impressed upon to take their chosen and accepted journey into Freemasonry very seriously.

Freemasonry needs young, ambitious, devoted, responsible, well-informed, and intelligent Master Masons. Men who are willing to take up the mantle of responsibility. Men who are willing to commit to a greater purpose. Men who are and will be the future of Freemasonry. Men who will foster, preserve, and nurture our ideologies, traditions, and ritual. Men of quality who will embody the moral philosophy and message of intellectual freedom and the pursuit of knowledge that is Freemasonry; to the next generation and beyond.

Krucible is a Lodge of Master Masons which openly works to advance the tenets of our Craft. We have made it a priority to promote and cultivate in our membership a greater level of interest, involvement, and participation in the Concordant and Appendant Rites of Freemasonry. Those who have gathered to form Krucible Lodge have made a dedicated effort to travel within the fraternity, and further their Masonic education and experience.

As we have traveled, we have observed that there are many like us who want what we want, more light in Masonry. We have come together as Master Masons working our Craft and enjoying the tremendous Fellowship that is the real reward of our experiences together, becoming better men, better friends, and better Masons.

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